UMB Language Center welcomes the entire academic community through its institutional portal. We are pleased to present this new communication tool with which are intertwined several units of the university and the language center.

Examples of this are the ‘BILINGUISMO’ and ‘INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN’ programs that are developed in the university as part of the cross-curricular academic programs. We present this tool that also strengthens several of the processes that have been built from this department.

We have numerous sections with relevant information for the academic community that can help all our visitors who want to know the different services that we provide institutionally. We have also developed the RESOURCENET platform. This is a multimedia and interactive tool above all of great use for the student community or anyone who wishes to practice several languages.

UMB Language Center

The UMB Language Center (CI) is a unit attached to the Academic Vice chancellor. We provide help to students of the UMB to become socially, culturally and globally reflective, critically thinking apprentices aware of their role as local and global agents of knowledge with a high degree of linguistic, social and cultural competences that allow them to develop in the different contexts in which they participate, where the use of a foreign language is necessary.

  • The Language Center is constituted by:
  • The head of the Language Center.
  • Coordination of Language Center Bucaramanga.
  • The Coordination of Virtual Language Center.

As support, the Language Center creates committees based on its academic needs. Currently, the Language Center has a curricular committee, an instructional design committee and an evaluation committee.


In this section you can find the relevant information about the exams that the UMB Language Center offers.

about “Procesos de Comprobación”

about “Procesos de Homologación”

about “Proceso de Suficiencia”